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Reclaimed Wood Feature Wall DIY

Reclaimed Wood Feature Wall DIY is made by real recyled wood, not salvaged logging. Being a young generation in wood industries in China, we concern more about the the limited recource of newly sawn timber and actively participate in the Green World Action, trying to give the reclaimed wood a second life by innovate design and smart work.


Due to the wood’s unique appearance, contribution to green buliding, the history of the wood’s origions and the wood’s physical characteristics, recaimed lumber is more and more popular. Reclaimed Wood Feature Wall DIY reviews the charactors well, in the meantime, the fast installation design make it possible for people to DIY a reclaimed feature timer wall by themselves.


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We believe Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Panels is a good start on our journey of design and manufacturing reclaimed wood craft.


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Why use reclaimed wood? 

Besides the beautifully rustic character reclaimed wood lends to any building, modern or traditional, commercial or private, its ecological benefit is clear.

The environmental impact of mass forestation throughout the world has heightened our awareness of how using reclaimed wood can help protect our future.

Coupled with this social responsibility is the desire for the authenticity of reclaimed wood that tells a story and has a history. Your kitchen floor could have once been the walls of a French railway station or your office wall cladding the beams from a barn or warehouse.

Does the source and age of reclaimed wood matter?

There are various grades of reclaimed wood, all from different time periods and backgrounds. It’s important to consider the following when choosing reclaimed wood (which is what we do on your behalf):


Wood – infestation, chemical contamination, and durability are all factors to take into account.

Quantity – when ordering reclaimed wood it’s essential to check the quantity of timber available for the delivery date. Because the wood is reclaimed there may not be sufficient in the batch ordered for a project. A different batch will contain different wood.

Age – reclaimed wood can range in age, from 1 to over 400 years old. The specification is important – where it comes from and how old it is.

Using reclaimed wood

A reclaimed wooden floor or wall cladding makes a statement. As well as demonstrating immaculate taste and a love for the character and finish of reclaimed wood, it shows your commitment to environmental matters.

Reclaimed wood is used for both residential and commercial projects alike. It can be used for both interiors and exteriors, as flooring, furniture or cladding.

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