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Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall Living Room

Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall Living Room is made by real recyled wood, not salvaged logging. Being a young generation in wood industries in China, we concern more about the the limited recource of newly sawn timber and actively participate in the Green World Action, trying to give the reclaimed wood a second life by innovate design and smart work.

Due to the wood’s unique appearance, contribution to green buliding, the history of the wood’s origions and the wood’s physical characteristics, recaimed lumber is more and more popular. Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall Living Room reviews the charactors well, in the meantime, the fast installation design make it possible for people to DIY a reclaimed feature timer wall by themselves.

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We believe Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Panels is a good start on our journey of design and manufacturing reclaimed wood craft.


Tips you may interested

Why reclaimed wood is wider than newer timber

If you compare old flooring built at the turn of the century such as those in Victorian and Edwardian homes with modern timber flooring you’ll notice that the planks in the latter are far narrower. That’s because the trees haven’t been allowed to grow and reach their full size – as a result, the planks in newer flooring aren’t as wide as those in reclaimed flooring.

Age gives reclaimed timber more strength and durability

The reason reclaimed wooden flooring is stronger and will last longer than flooring produced from newer timber, is because the older wood is less likely to split. The reason for this is that it’s been exposed to hot and cold atmosphere’s for so long that it’s already done all the expanding and contracting it’s ever going to do. In other words it’s already dried out and won’t do so any further. It’s stood the test of time, if you like.

The grain in the reclaimed timber is also much denser than the new wood which also means it’s less likely to warp.

Reclaimed timber simply looks better

Because it’s been allowed to grow for such a longer time, the rings in reclaimed timber are wider than you’d find in newer timber. There will also be more knots and other interesting markings to give the wood a unique and charming character. And talking of character, reclaimed wood has a history ie a narrative of its own and which also makes it special in its way.

You’ll be able to add it to your own family history too as the wood will endure, meaning future generations could also benefit from it.


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