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Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Panels

Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Panels is made by real recyled wood, not salvaged logging. Being a young generation in wood industries in China, we concern more about the the limited recource of newly sawn timber and actively participate in the Green World Action, trying to give the reclaimed wood a second life by innovate design and smart work.

Due to the wood’s unique appearance, contribution to green buliding, the history of the wood’s origions and the wood’s physical characteristics, recaimed lumber is more and more popular. Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Panels reviews the charactors well, in the meantime, the fast installation design make it possible for people to DIY a reclaimed feature timer wall by themselves.

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We believe Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Panels is a good start on our journey of design and manufacturing reclaimed wood craft.


Tips you may interested

What benefits there are by using reclaimed wood?

Environmental benefits of using reclaimed wood

You probably pretty much know already that over-forestation means there are fewer trees out there in our woods, forests and jungles. So it’s important to preserve what’s left. Products made from reclaimed wood do this because they’re basically recycling old wood, preventing the need for further trees to be cut down.

Meanwhile, when used in the construction trade reclaimed wood results in far fewer materials being sent to landfill (which in turn is responsible for polluting the environment). Actually, according to a recent government study only one per cent of construction materials in new projects used reclaimed materials. And the problem with using materials which have been newly developed, such as plastics, means even more pollution into our air and waters.


Woodland animals benefit when old rather than new wood is used

Many creatures rely on trees to both live in and feed on. Birds nest in leaves while insects feed on bark and squirrels eat acorns. Fell too many trees and these creatures could disappear from our parks and woodlands forever.


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