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Peel and Stick Solid Wood Panel Board

Peel and Stick Solid Wood Panel Board is known as the most creative concept panel. We supplied the most stable peel stick panel at factory direct prices, with outstanding services, in a view to a long term cooperation with customers.

Peel and Stick Solid Wood Panel Board

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Peel and Stick Wood Wall Panel is leading the fast installation conecpt market now. We are not the first one to bring it to production, but we are the one that has spent about 3 years to make it least contract and expand, with minumn distortion.

Our Key Technology to make Quickwood Panel so stable.-Thermal Modification Treatment & Edible resin added.


What’s this panel look like? Let’s get into more details here bellow:


Peel and Stick Solid Wood Panel Board (2).jpg

Specification of One Single Panel

 Product Name:

 Peel and Stick Solid Wood Panel Board

Overall Size:


 Item No.

 TB1101 C10


Water based coating

Wood Species & Origin:

 Canadian SPF

Surface Treatment:

Sawing Mark

Selling Points you have to know

Peel, Stick and done! Finish a Feature Wall in 1 hour.

Strong self-adhesve tape. Stay on wall for at least 6 years.

Healthy for family, VOC free.

Well treated Real Wood Panel, least bending and distortion.

Light and easy for handeling, courier and transportation. 2sqm, only 5kgs.

Various color and styles catering for your dear home.

Large container loading.

Packing information and container loading datas


Marketing Support

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Are these Quickwood can be used in outdoor?

No, it is for interior decoraion. If you need for outdoor, we can recommend your our other ranges


Can I stick Quickwood in the kitchen?

Yes, it is a good product as a splash panel, and keep away from fire


Can I install Panels in the bathroom?

Panel can’t install in the bathroom due to they’re made of real wood.


can you install a wall-mounted electric fireplace on it?

it would be fine especially since it's an electric fireplace


is it suitable for a business places

Absolutely, Quickwood can make a unique wall and helo you catch customers' attention


The adhesive is strong enough to stay on wall, if can I use it behind a bed, as a headboard?

We have had lots of customers order for headboards. Yes the adhesive is very strong, once you stick it you will not be able to get it back off. Be sure you take time to make sure you put it exactly where you want it because you will not get it back off without tearing up the wall and board.


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