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3D Wood Wall Cladding Exterior

Natural hand-made 3D Wood Wall Cladding Exterior. We lead the manufacturing of wooden wall panels in China and have customers from all over the world. We will back you up by high quality products and outstanding services.

3D Wood Wall Cladding Exterior

Nature Wood is always a good material to warm a home, which makes wood wall panels different from other wall covering material. 3D decorative wood wall panels is made by nature cherry wood and provides consumers an easy way to make a real wood feature wall.

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It is a great innovation to glue small and middle size wood slats or blocks on a back board to make an pre-fabricated 3D decorative wood wall panel in handy size.


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In our factory, thanks to all the efforts of technicians, workers, and customers, we work from every aspects to insure a good quality panel: environmental friendly, fast installation, strong glue, strong packaging for transportation, and carry our mass production sucessfully.


Now, I would like to show you what the product is like from following aspects:



Product Features and Advantages of 3D Wood Wall Cladding Exterior

●True Wood Wall Panel, Unique Nature Feel, Reasonable Price


●Direct installation, fast and easy


3D Antique Wood Wall Paneling (8).jpg

●Legal and stable wood resource, making the best use of wood,  FSC available


3D Antique Wood Wall Paneling (9).jpg


● Environment friendly, healthy to human. CARB, F4 stars, VOC standards meet

●Advanced Technology, precisely processing, reliable Quality


3D Antique Wood 

Wall Paneling (13).jpg


Especially Wood Thermal Modifiation Treatment to insure 3D Wood Wall Cladding Exterior’ Stability.


3D Antique Wood Wall Paneling (14).jpg

●Customized styles available, outdoor solution available


Packaging & Shipping

Standard White Carton or Brown Carton Packing with carton label


3D Antique Wood Wall Paneling (15).jpg



Standard Pallet Packing


Standard Container Loading:


3D Antique Wood Wall Paneling (18).jpg






Is your 3D wood wall panels has a chemical smell?

We use varnish coating on the wood, so, there is no chemical smell.


When I have cartons of panels in my place, what shall I do before installation?

Please open each carton in the site and let panels stay there for 24 hours. It will allow panels to even the humidity with environment and also let some smell go if there is any, like painting smell.


Is 3D wood wall panels fireproof?

NO, we can add fire retardant additive to make them to fireproof if you need.


Can I install it by myself?

It is very easy to install and please try to Do it by yourself, you will get a great sense of achievement


How do you deal with the pest and its egg in side of the wooden board?

We apply the kiln-dry process for the products and fumigation process before shipping


Is the 3D wood wall panels no problem for formaldehyde?

Please don’t worry. The formaldehyde release reach Japanese Four Star standard.

How about glue which connected wood pieces with MDF?

It is PUR glue. We have been selling these items for 4 years, glue is strong and stable.


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