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3D Wood Panel Walls Restaurant

Easy installed 3D Wood Panel Walls Restaurant. We are devoted in wood wall panels manufacturing since 2012 and panels are widely exported to moe than 20 countries. We believe you will find something useful from us.

3D Wood Panel Walls Restaurant

Nature Wood is always a good material to warm a home, which makes wood wall panels different from other wall covering material. 3D decorative wood wall panels is made by nature cherry wood and provides consumers an easy way to make a real wood feature wall.

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It is a great innovation to glue small and middle size wood slats or blocks on a back board to make an pre-fabricated 3D decorative wood wall panel in handy size.

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In our factory, it takes more than 3 years since 2012 to make a nice and stable 3D Wood Panel Walls Restaurant by mass production. To test and choose the best glue, to make steel mould instead of plywood mould to make size more precise, to test the best packaging for storage and transportation, we work from every aspect to insure the quality.


Now, I would like to show you what the product is like from following aspects:


Product Features and Advantages of 3D Wood Panel Walls Restaurant

● True Wood Wall Panel, Unique Nature Feel, Reasonable Price


● Direct installation, fast and easy


3D Antique Wood Wall Paneling (8).jpg

● Legal and stable wood resource, making the best use of wood,  FSC available


3D Antique Wood Wall Paneling (9).jpg


● Environment friendly, healthy to human. CARB, F4 stars, VOC standards meet

● Advanced Technology, precisely processing, reliable Quality


3D Antique Wood 

Wall Paneling (13).jpg

Wood Thermal Modification Treatment is what we use to achieve better stability for 3D Wood Panel Walls Restaurant

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●Customization as well as outdoor products are provided


Packaging & Shipping

Standard White Carton or Brown Carton Packing with carton label

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Standard Pallet Packing


Standard Container Loading:


3D Antique Wood Wall Paneling (18).jpg



Could you explain briefly about kiln drying?

Wood drying (also seasoning lumber or wood seasoning) reduces the moisture content of wood before its use. When the drying is done in a kiln, the product is known as kiln-dried timber or lumber, whereas air drying is the more traditional method.

when wood is used as a construction material, whether as a structural support in a building or in woodworking objects, it will absorb or desorb moisture until it is in equilibrium with its surroundings. Equilibration (usually drying) causes unequal shrinkage in the wood, and can cause damage to the wood if equilibration occurs too rapidly. The equilibration must be controlled to prevent damage to the wood.


What is Vacuum drying of wood?

In vacuum drying, wood dries at pressures well below atmospheric pressure, conditions at which water boils at a lower temperature. Faster drying is particularly relevant in a production environment where time and volume flexibility (i.e., small batches and very short lead times) have become important competitive advantages


What is continuous kiln drying?

Continuous Flow Dry Kilns connect multiple chambers to facilitate the drying process and reduce wasted heat energy.


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