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3D Teak Wall Panels

2017 top ten stars 3D Teak Wall Panels. Specialized in wooden wall paneling production for 5 years, we supply a large varity of panels to more than 20 countries. You will find the best products and servies from us.

3D Teak Wall Panels

To make a home warm, nature wood is always the first choice. This feature makes wood wall panels so differet from other material for wall decoration. 3D Teak Wall Panels is made by ture teak wood and brings users the easiest way to creat a ture wood accent wall.


3D Teak Wall Panels (6)17.jpg


To glue wood squares or slats on the edges or on a back board to make a bigger size panels, makes it possible for people to install  3D Teak Wall Panels  by themselves with simple tools.

 3D Teak Wall Panels (7).jpg

In our factory, it takes more than 3 years since 2012 to make a nice and stable 3D Teak Wall Panels panel by mass production. To test and choose the best glue, to make steel mould instead of plywood mould to make size more precise, to test the best packaging for storage and transportation, we work from every aspect to insure the quality.


Now Let’s see what the panel is:


Goods Descriptions and Especial Features for 3D Teak Wall Panels

●Real Wood Panel, Perfect Surface Touch and Cheap Price

●Easy to fix


3D Antique Wood Wall Paneling (8).jpg

●FSC could be provided, admissive wood ,making to achieve the perfect

3D Antique Wood Wall Paneling (9).jpg

●Environmental protection with legal CARB, F4 stars, VOC certificate

●Perfect design, smart making, good quality


3D Antique Wood 

Wall Paneling (13).jpg

With Wood Thermal Modification Treatment, 3D Teak Wall Panels is 80% more stable than the untreated ones.

3D Antique Wood Wall Paneling (14).jpg

●Custom made, solution for outdoor also could be provided


Packing & Loading

Carton Package with Standard White or Brown Carton and Carton label


3D Antique Wood Wall Paneling (15).jpg


Package Detail:


Final Container Loading:


3D Antique Wood Wall Paneling (18).jpg




How is the market of this panels?

We started manufacturing of wood wall panel in 2012 with Canadian customer and since then we’ve been supplied to North America with stably increased volumn. Now, we are supplying to many different countries and areas except North Amercia, like Argentina, Chile, Japan, Korea, France, Germany, is booming up.


Where is your factory?

We are in Deqing, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, which is very close to Hangzhou. We are in the east flooring processing center in China, which is tht biggest one. Goods are usually exported from Shanghai port. Or it can be delivered to your pointed place in other city in China for container consolidation.


What is your core technology?

We are wood processing factory, with technology and machinary from log process to engineered flooring manufacturing. Wood naturally contracts and expands with the change of moisture and tempreture in environment. Thus, how to make it more stable with less distortion is the most important topic to get a sucessful wood product. Wood stability treatment is the key technology of our factory. There are full sets of equipments of wood conditioning: consistant drying machine, drying kiln, vacumn drying kiln, thermal modification kiln. We also provide out-sourced wood conditioning treatment to many neighbour factories.


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