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3D Architectural Wood Wall Panels

Popular 3D Architectural Wood Wall Panels. Leading in China wood wall panels industries, we are pride to supply a large variety of wood wall panels to more than 20 different countries.We believe you will find something useful from us.

3D Architectural Wood Wall Panels

What makes 3D Architectural Wood Wall Panels so popular? It is the nature warm feels that only wood can brings you. Besides, made by pine wood, 3D Architectural Wood Wall Panels is very handy and easy to install.

 3D Architectural Wood Wall Panels 6-9.jpg


It is a great innovation to glue small and middle size wood slats or blocks on a back board to make an pre-fabricated 3D Architectural Wood Wall Panels in handy size.

 3D Architectural Wood Wall Panels 7-91.jpg

Single Panel Look


In our factory, it makes us so proud that we‘ve adapted this panel into mass production with precise processing and we’ve been introducing it to big Chain Stores like Home Depot, Floor and Decor, as well as many on line shops.


Now, the specific content will be presented:


Distinctive Features of 3D Architectural Wood Wall Panels

●Solid Wood Paneling, Brilliant Structure, Just Price

●Direct installation, fast and easy

 3D Architectural Wood Wall Panels 8.jpg

●FSC certification with reasonable deforestation, Every wood with good processing

 3D Architectural Wood Wall Panels 9.jpg


●Environment friendly, healthy to human. CARB, F4 stars, VOC standards meet

●Outstanding skill, accurate manufacturing, great quality


3D Architectural Wood Wall Panels 13.jpg


Especially Wood Thermal Modifiation Treatment to insure 3D Architectural Wood Wall Panels’ Stability.

3D Architectural Wood Wall Panels 14.jpg

●Special styles could be made to satisfy special customers, as well as outside goods


Packaging & Shipping

Standard White Carton or Brown Carton Packing with carton label

3D Architectural Wood Wall Panels 15.jpg


Standard Pallet Packing


Standard Container Loading:


3D Architectural Wood Wall Panels 18.jpg



What is your standard packaging?

Panels are packed by white or brown carton with end label indicating the goods description. If you need to send panels to your customers by courier, strengthened carton packing are available.


Why to shrinkfilm the carton?

Shrink flim outside the carton not only makes the carton look nice and clean, but also give the carton a good seal. It mean moisture outside the carton can not go into the carton easily. Thus, panels are well protected.


I do Amazon shop, can you make carton according to my specification?

Yes. We have customers doing on line sales too. Cartons can be designed to your specification to save courier cost and protect goods well during transportation.


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