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Wood Board Maintenance
Feb 03, 2018

First, clean the wooden door stains. Of course, we should always pay attention to wooden doors do not be stained wooden doors. If some dust sticks to the wooden door, wipe the wooden door with a soft cloth. Avoid water can not be too much. Hard cloth easy to leave a scratch on the surface of the wooden door, we should not use. Stubborn stains, we can use a neutral detergent cream to wipe.

Second, the wooden door handle can not hang heavy objects, so as not to damage the wooden door. At the same time wooden doors should also be cut to avoid being cutlery, knock injury. Open the door to close the power can not be excessive, so as not to impact the wooden door to reduce the service life of the wooden door.

Third, do not place objects in the door, open the door to open the door when the items will cause angular material damage or fade. Look for decoration company decoration must also be careful renovation workers inadvertently damage the wooden door.

Fourth, pay attention to the use of locks. Open the door to pay attention to the intensity, not too much force. Do not use wet hands to open the door.

Fifth, pay attention to the hardware accessories, if you find the door lock is loose, we should promptly tighten the door lock, regular maintenance can ensure the use of the door lock more durable, more to protect our safety.

Sixth, to maintain indoor humidity and temperature, the weather is humid, we should always maintain ventilation to prevent wooden doors because of the deformation of air humidity, metal parts may also rust. The temperature environment is too poor, but also easy to deformation of wooden doors.

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