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When The Bathroom Meets These Kinds Of Wall Decoration Materials, The Style Is Different Immediately!
Aug 18, 2018

When the bathroom meets these kinds of wall decoration materials, the style is different immediately!

In addition to ceramic tiles, what alternative bathroom wall covering materials can you think of? In the decoration of the bathroom, we rarely consider the decoration of the bathroom wall, usually choose the tile and paint for practical use, but the uniform wall decoration seems to be not eye-catching, then how to make the bathroom wall decoration more colorful? ? Let’s take a look.

1, bathroom wallpaper

In addition to the living room, bedroom, and study, the decoration of the wallpaper in the bathroom is becoming more and more common. The wallpaper with bold patterns can be easily cut into the bathroom decoration, which not only enriches the color of the bathroom, but also adds a touch of fun to the bathroom space. , greatly improving the vitality and vitality of the bathroom.

Due to the wet environment of the bathroom, you have to make sure that the wallpaper is not soaked. In this case, you do not need to use the wallpaper in large scale in the bathroom.

2, bathroom murals

The bathroom is separate from the rest of the house, so they can have a completely different style, making them a humorous and vibrant place. Here, using the characteristics of the sloping ceiling, a huge mural becomes the focus of the entire bathroom, and the portraits of lifelike characters make this bathroom more individual. You can buy such a sticker, or if you have the ability, you can also DIY yourself, any acrylic paint can resist the damp environment of the bathroom.

Install such a plant wall in the bathroom, let you be in the nature, and the humid environment is perfect for many plants, so the unique wall decoration will definitely make people shine, and such plants The wall is not only beautiful, but also a very practical air purifier, so that you can feel the charm of nature without going out. If you choose a plant wall, try to make the other decoration of the bathroom as simple as possible so as not to affect the greening.

4, bathroom wood paneling

Painted wall panels make the space look magnificent and elegant, with the atmosphere of a country house, but must be painted with a coating that is not damaged by moisture, oily paint is the best.

Here, the gray-green color adds a soft color to the pale room and hides a huge storage space. If you have an alcove, consider shelving it and adding a wooden door in front to create this look, and other panels around the wall can also use panels to enhance cohesion.

5, bathroom wood wall panels

Among the many wall decoration materials, wood is undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly and fashionable. Here, smooth and even wood is the best embodiment of modern country wooden house style. Wood products always give people a natural natural beauty. In the bathroom decoration, choose as few pieces of wood as possible to keep the appearance smooth and give your bathroom comfort and warmth.

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