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What Is The Difference Between The Overall Background Wall Panel And The Integrated Wall Panel
Feb 23, 2019

What is the difference between the overall background wall panel and the integrated wall panel?

The overall background wall panel has risen strongly in the home building materials industry, and the elimination of traditional decorative materials has become the first choice for people to decorate environmentally. However, many end consumers will feel "this is not an integrated wall" when they first come into contact with the overall background wall panel. Is the overall background wall panel and the integrated wall the same thing? What's the difference? Obviously the overall background wall panel and integrated wall surface is not a thing, then we will analyze the difference between the two.

What is the integrated wall?

    At present, the integrated wall surface on the market is mainly bamboo wood fiber, which is one of the popular new materials, and has the advantages of light weight, waterproof, moisture resistance, abrasion resistance and rub resistance. Because the integrated wall is a whole piece, it is not very convenient in transportation, and the integrated wall surface is made of metal. It is easy to scratch when it comes into contact with sharp objects, and the traces are obvious and difficult to recover. In addition, it is the consumables in the decoration process. Because the overall occupation area is large, the general small size is not suitable for the integrated wall surface, and the high cost is not good.

What is the overall background wall panel?

    The overall background wall panel, also known as solid wood siding, can replace the traditional wooden wall skirt, and can replace wall materials such as wallpaper and wall tiles. It is a new type of wall decoration material made of multi-layer solid wood substrate through high-temperature coating process. After treatment, the surface has various color patterns such as imitation wood. It has strong hardness, noise reduction, heat insulation and decorative effect. And so on, the current use in home furnishings, tooling is relatively extensive.

Solid wood siding can be combined with soft wall, carved hard bag, embroidery, imitation hand-painted, wallpaper, wall cloth, diatom mud and other background wall elements to form the overall background wall, so that the combination is better than a single product. In terms of decoration, it has better integration and three-dimensionality. The flat shape and the prominent shape can be controlled. It can provide consumers with the requirements of customizing from single wall decoration to the whole house wall. It solves the problem of whole house customization and environmental protection. Can be reached immediately.

In short, the main difference between the two is the material. The overall background wall panel is real wood, and the integrated wall is made of bamboo fiber powder. In terms of development, solid wood siding has a longer history than integrated wall development, and the focus of development between the two is different. In addition to the role of protecting the wall surface, the overall background wall panel is also very powerful. It is a combination of decoration and practical use. The two cannot be compared!

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