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​Solid Wood Wall Panels
Feb 03, 2018

Solid wood siding is developed in recent years, the new decorative wall materials, generally used as wood and other substrates. It has the advantages of convenient installation, fast, time-saving, labor-saving, interchangeability, multiple disassembly and use, no deformation, long life and so on.

Solid wood wall panel is a kind of indoor wall guard, which consists of upper and lower horizontal frame, vertical frame, core plate and corner frame composition, on the inside of the lower horizontal frame with a gradual reduction of the lace and grooves , The upper and lower horizontal frame can be plugged into different lengths, insert the place with concave and convex fit, the vertical frame on both sides of the horizontal frame with the same structure inside and outside the upper and lower horizontal frame at both ends of the plug with the corresponding The structure of the corner frame has grooves on both sides of the transverse direction, the core plate is inserted in the frame formed by the upper horizontal frame, the lower horizontal frame, the vertical frame or the corner frame.

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