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Construction Methods And Materials For Wall Panels
Mar 08, 2018

Tuobang Company manufacturer produces the wall board is the material that often USES in decorating, but its construction method and the material that use is how many people understand?

First, you need a layer of moisture-proof membrane between the wall and the base plate so that the damp can be prevented and then decorated with a decorative panel. Secondly, it is necessary to use some simple wood lines to collect edges, and these wooden lines have decorative effects, so that the effect will be better. The main thing is to do moisture-proof, in order to extend its service life. Another is the wall board is the adornment board with lumber as the base material, can be used to replace wall brick, wallpaper and so on material, use when it is light and convenient, also very safe.

Its adornment effect is also quite good, often people also apply it to some special luxurious family to decorate. There are various patterns of patterns, so the solid wood panel is one of the most popular decoration materials.