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What is the difference between wood wall panels and solid wood panels?
Jun 25, 2018

What is the difference between wood wall panels and solid wood panels?

Due to its unique characteristics, wood is still subject to people's preferences, especially in direct contact with humans, despite its inherently poor dimensional stability, poor corrosion resistance and flammability. In the space scope, such as doors and windows and furniture, wood products are often the first choice for people. Ecological wood wall panels define product materials as wood, so the following shows the self-value of eco-wood panels compared to solid wood.

1, texture

The current ecological wood wallboard is a knot without solid wood, which is one of the biggest differences of solid wood, and the texture of solid wood is not thick. Wood grain basically extends along a straight line and has fewer patterns. Solid wood texture is more difficult to achieve in the ecological wood wallboard, unlike solid wood with curved wood patterns, because there are solid wood rings, ecological wood wall panels without solid wood rings, so clear comparison of wood grain less, wood grain texture is more vague, ecological Wood grain wood grain is more like a scattered spot. It is not as clear as solid wood. The wood texture is changeable, irregular, and protuberant. The texture of the eco-wood wallboard is gradual, fashionable, slow, and rhythmical. The change is not as good as solid wood.

2, color

Today, eco-wood wall panels adjust color with color masterbatch, so the basic color of the panel can range from light to dark. The basic colors of solid wood have not changed much on ecological wood wall panels. Ecological wood wall panels are already very close to the color of solid wood. Due to the composition of the plastic, the surface of the ecological wood wallboard has a matt glossy transparent layer, which is different from solid wood. In terms of color fastness, the color of solid wood will gradually deepen, and it will lose its original luster after being exposed to the sun and rain. In general, the color of solid wood panels becomes dull.

3, structure

The structure of solid wood is staggered fibrous, so its strength is relatively high, hard and brittle. Ecological wood wallboard is a kind of foaming product, its structure and solid wood are very different. The interior is granular wood powder and blisters. Therefore, ecological wood wall panels are soft and tough. Therefore, the mechanical properties of ecological wood wall panels are very strong and can be curled into curved surfaces, but at the same time they cannot be used in structural regions such as beams, columns, bridges, etc., which are still stressful. Current technologies are difficult to solve.

4, touch

When touched, the wood is rough and the surface is not smooth. The concave and convex surfaces will change with the color of the wood grain. Ecological wood wall panels are smoother than solid wood panels, have a smooth, no bumpy feel, and simply press on the wood grain to create a bumpy feel that feels more like plastic.

5, performance

Solid wood products are generally easily deformed, cracked, moldy, vulnerable to worms and other fatal weaknesses, and untreated solid wood will rot in the outdoors, so the life span of solid wood is shorter, the paint is generally used during use, and the outdoor weather resistance is poor. Ecological wood wall panels do not require painting and there are no obvious disadvantages. They are also suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are also waterproof, flame retardant, corrosion resistant, anti-aging, recyclable and termite resistant. They are solid wood. No.

6, processing features

Ecological wood wall panels and solid wood can be nailed, planed, sawed. Due to the adoption of standardized profile production for ecological wood wall panels, secondary processing and assembly methods are more convenient than solid wood and are standard products. Non-manufactured products are used, while solid wood processing is usually manufactured by hand. Due to the influence of machinery and molds on ecological wood wall panels, the maximum volume is limited and smaller than solid wood. Moreover, ecological wood wall panels can only be laser-engraved, not carved like solid wood tools, but also to the eco-wood wall. The appearance of the board will change and there will be no wood grain inside, which is very different from solid wood. Because solid wood requires a lot of labor, ecological wood wall panels can directly weld profiles and consume less labor. In the construction process, the loss of solid wood is greater than the loss of ecological wood wall panels.

7, density

The density of the eco-board can be controlled by the foaming rate, so its density can be lighter than solid wood and can be heavier than solid wood. Dens

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