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What are the selection skills of solid wood wallboard?
Feb 09, 2019

1. From the type of base material, it can be divided into two categories: wood and plastic. Wood can also be divided into strip section and whole sheet. In the actual process of installation, the whole sheet and strip will be combined to use in order to perfect cover the space.                                                2. From the base material processing technology, it can be divided into three kinds: solid wood composite board, medium density board and plywood. No matter what kind of material the base material is, the surface is processed and processed. It has natural texture of solid wood, imitation wood, imitation stone, Imitation Ceramic tile, imitation wallpaper, anti-Wood stick, Manchurian ash, teak, oak, and many other patterns. In family decoration, the application of solid wood composite wallboard is more, and in villas decoration, the use of solid wood wallboard is more. It has natural advantages, environmental protection and health. Kang.                                                                                     3. The selection of the quality of the guard wall board can be appraised from both inside and outside. The intrinsic quality mainly tests the hardness of its surface and the firmness of the bonding between the substrate and the surface finish. Good quality products, high hardness of surface decoration, impact resistance, wear resistance, scratch surface with knife without obvious scars, surface and base material without separation. Appearance quality mainly detects the degree of simulation, good quality products, lifelike patterns, uniform processing specifications, easy splicing, good decorative effect. Strip wall panels shall be sealed in plastic packaging without distortion. 

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