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How to install a wooden wall panel
Mar 31, 2018

How to install a wooden wall panel

Prior to construction, preparations were made on the wall surface, such as bullet line and base treatment. In accordance with the design of the size of the drawings on the wall level height, according to the sub-file size of wood keel pop-up grid. In terms of grassroots processing, the wall surface shall be leveled, and then the moisture-proof process on the wall surface shall be completed, and the wall shall be kept dry during installation. At the same time, all wood is fire-fighting.

Second, the background wall keel installation

Wooden wall panels often use keel installation, according to the actual size of the background wall or fragmentation of the wood dragon skeleton nail mounted on the wall. After the nails are installed, adjust the deviation and require that the entire keel be leveled with the wall, and the four corners should be straightened to the ground. Each cushion block must be firmly fastened to the keel after adjustment.

Third, decorative panel mounting work

After completing the keel installation, the veneer is nailed to the keel. Choosing a panel with the same color and similar grain patterns requires that the connection be free of burrs so that the wooden pattern can be naturally coordinated. When nailing is required, the nail is required to be even. Note that for the nail head to be handled, it is required that the entire surface of the veneer be smooth and flat.

Fourth, wood wall construction points

The note on the construction of the wooden wall panel as a background wall is that the basic wall surface must be protected from moisture, such as laying a uniform layer of linoleum or oil-proof paper. The materials such as wood keel, veneer, etc. must be fireproofed. Use fireproof paint on the material both inside and outside and apply it twice before use. The gap between the veneer panels also needs to be sealed with glass glue.

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