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Decorative panel fade
Feb 03, 2018

Many decorative panels on the market after the varnish will be discolored, such as white oak and white maple brush painted yellow, and I heard that the longer the yellow color will be deeper.


When choosing decorative panels, wipe with a damp cloth, look at the effect, that is closer to the varnish after the effect. Over time, decorative panels have a certain degree of deepening and oxidation, the color will inevitably turn yellow, the selection of the varnish is the key.


The reasons for discoloration are as follows:


(1) varnish ester solvent with water after reaction with the black iron container.


(2) Turpentine is easy to produce reddish brown pigment in iron drums.


(3) easy to produce gold and silver paint and varnish acid corrosion, the paint color becomes green, dark, tarnished.


(4) storage period is too long, precipitation discoloration.


Prevention is:


(1) Shellac varnishes that are most prone to discoloration are covered with non-metallic containers.


(2) before adding varnish powder, silver, do not prematurely added to the varnish storage.


(3) The discoloring paint, if it is not a quality problem, can be used after full mixing.

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