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Blockboard buy
Feb 03, 2018

1, Blockboard is divided into one, two, three and so on. Directly decorated panels, should be used first-class plate, only Blockboard

Available as the bottom plate with the third board.

2, select the surface smooth, knot, clip skin less board.

3, from the side or saw the cross-section of the core board to check the quality and density of thin wood.

4, Daxinban side must be a whole piece of wood, the other side is only allowed to have a patchwork. In addition, the surface of the core board must be dry, light and clean.

5, choose blockboard must choose machine puzzle, do not choose hand puzzle.

Shown in Figure 

6, observe the surrounding without glue, make-up phenomenon.

7, sharp mouth instruments seriously knock on the surface, listen to the sound whether there is a big difference, if the sound changes, there is a void inside.

As shown in Figure 8, when buying in large quantities, you should check the product's test report and quality inspection certificate and other quality documents.

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